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KSEF logo classic KSEF: Advancing R&D, New Product Development,
Commercialization, and SBIR/STTR in Kentucky

The Kentucky Science &Engineering Foundation (KSEF) invests in research and development activity to promote innovation, new product development and commercialization, thereby advancing new ideas and technologies that could add value to scientific and economic growth in Kentucky. To this end KSEF manages the following programs*:

  Research and Development Excellence Program (ROI 19:1)
  Kentucky Commercialization Fund (ROI 9:1)
  Kentucky SBIR/STTR Phase Zero and Phase Double Zero Program (ROI 18:1)
  Kentucky SBIR/STTR Matching Funds Program (ROI 3:1)


KSEF logo classic KSEF-Managed Programs Impact

These programs support ideas and technologies in five priority research areas: Biosciences, Environmental and Energy Technologies, Human Health and Development, Information Technology and Communications, and Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing.

KSEF logo classic KSEF Fellow

KSEF Fellow is an honor conferred by the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC), through the Kentucky Science & Engineering Foundation (KSEF). The honor is bestowed to distinguished persons to recognize their significant contributions to the advancement of excellence in science and engineering in Kentucky, thereby helping foster a science and engineering innovation-based entrepreneurial culture in the Commonwealth. KSTC conferred ten KSEF Fellowships in 2016. Learn more. KSEF Fellow

Program Award Recipients

KSEF logo classic Event Partners

KSEF events are made possible by the generous support of event partners. The valuable support of the Council on Postsecondary Education in funding the Kentucky Science &Engineering Foundation and the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (organizers of the event), is greatly acknowledged.

Event Partners

  KSTC/KSEF acknowledges the support of the Small Business
Administration (SBA) through Federal State and Technology (FAST)
Grant Award #SBAHQ-16-G-0015
The KSEF Team also manages the Kentucky SBIR/STTR Resource Center - 

KSEF logo classic About KSEF
Created under the Kentucky Innovation Act of 2000, KSEF is an initiative of the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC) and is managed in partnership with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). KSTC is a private nonprofit enterprise founded in 1987 to enhance capacity of people, firms and organizations, to use science and technology to effectively compete in the global market place. Learn more about KSTC: What We Do.

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News and Events


SBIR/STTR PZ and DZ Deadline
August 28 - Monday 10:00 AM ET
Application deadline to KSEF, for Federal due dates starting November 2017.

August 29 - Tuesday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

SBIR Connect-Lexington
September 12 - Tuesday 4:00-6:00 PM ET
Chatham's Restaurant, 496 East High Street, Lexington, KY 40507

SBIR Connect-Louisville
September 14 - Thursday 4:00-6:00 PM ET
August  Moon Bistro, 2269 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40206

SBIR/STTR PZ and DZ Deadline
September 25 - Monday 10:00 AM ET
Application deadline to KSEF, for Federal due dates starting December 2017.

SBIR/STTR PZ and DZ Deadline
October 30 - Monday 10:00 AM ET
Application deadline to KSEF, for Federal due dates starting January 2018.

SBIR/STTR PZ and DZ Deadline
November 27 - Monday 10:00 AM ET
Application deadline to KSEF, for Federal due dates starting February and March 2018.
(There are no KSEF reviews in December.)