Proposal Title Microfabricated Cochlear Electrode Array
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract Cochlear implants allow the profoundly deaf to achieve reasonable word recognition in quiet environments, but technological innovations to achieve fuller appreciation of music and speech are severely limited by the shortcomings of current hand assembly manufacturing methods for cochlear electrode arrays. MEMStim’s advanced, fully automated, low cost, and high yield manufacturing process capable of implementing technological innovations that provide benefits such as small electrode array size for residual hearing prevention, drug delivery channels for inner ear health and cell regeneration, and strain gauges for improved surgical safety outcomes. The primary objective of the Phase I grant is to prove the feasibility of manufacturing FDA approved microfabricated arrays. The primary objective of the Phase II grant will be to create a minimum viable product by integrating the microfabricated arrays of Phase I into a commercial cochlear implant. To obtain a Phase II grant and carry out it’s primary objective, it will be necessary to have a commercialization plan and partner with a commercial cochlear implant manufacturer. We are proposing the use of Kentucky Matching funds to develop that commercialization plan, acquire IP and carry out product development steps necessary to secure an industry partner. In order to engage with the leading cochlear implant manufacturers, funds will be used to sure up our intellectual property (IP) standing, demonstrate the safety of our technology for clinical use, and design a connector to integrate our array into a commercial system. At the completion of the Kentucky Matching grant, we will have a thorough and validated commercialization plan and agreements in place with key industry partners. Both of which will help to acquire phase II funding and private investment from third parties.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords Cochlear, advanced, manufacturing, arrays, implants, neurostimulator, stimulator
Point of Contact Angelique Johnson
[email protected]
Location Louisville