Proposal Title Exscien Fusion Protein Development and Manufacturing Set-Up
Category Biosciences
Abstract Exscien Corporation is an early stage biotech company that is currently developing biological therapeutics to target reactive oxygen species (ROS) based disease progressions. Many diseases, not to mention the resultant effects of traumatic and chronic conditions from such afflictions as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s, along with aging and the progression of cancer all owe their physiological manifestations to ROS-based damage within the cell. ROS inflict damage by attacking the integrity of a cell’s DNA resulting in mutations and apoptosis, and while the cell’s natural defense and repair mechanisms work to maintain normal cell function, the effects of ROS can be devastating when a cell’s repair mechanisms cannot cope with the frequency and level of stress being experienced. By employing its uniquely synthesized and patented multi-component fusion protein, (part-1 allows entry into the cell, part-2 targets the mitochondria and part-3 repairs damage to its DNA), Exscien is able to mitigate ROS-based oxidative damage and restore standard cellular metabolic processes. The fusion protein acts to repair the structure of the cell’s mitochondrial DNA (mt-DNA), thereby normalizing its functionality. It is known that mt-DNA are the power houses of the cell and also operate as biological sentinels, initiating signaling pathways to cells throughout the body, including control of cell fate in response to ROS induced stresses. The full development of this technology will yield first in class therapies directed at protecting, as well as repairing, cellular damage whenever oxidative stress plays a pathogenic role. No curative treatments currently exist to address the underlying cellular damage resulting from ROS, only suggested preventative measures designed to minimize contributing factors (e.g., lifestyle regimens, anti-oxidants). This platform technology can potentially alter the direction of research on oxidative afflictions, rewrite treatment protocols and improve the quality of life for much of the world’s population.
Amount Awarded $500,000
Keywords Mitochondrial DNA repair, oxidative stress, ROS, fusion protein
Point of Contact Ker Ferguson
[email protected]
Exscien Corporation
Location Louisville
Mobile County