Proposal Title Determination of Water Pretreatment Needs for a Capacitive Home Water Softening System
Category Environmental and Energy Technologies
Abstract Capacitive deionization (CDI) is an emerging efficient desalination technology for the treatment of variation brackish water salt streams. Until recently, this separation technique has suffered from a deactivation mechanism, which limited its separation lifetime to a matter of days. PowerTech Water is using a newly developed advanced form of CDI called inverted capacitive deionization (i-CDI), which directly addresses this deactivation mechanism and results in dramatically improved separation times (months and years of lifetime, not days). Through this project, i-CDI will be further advanced for use in the home water softening market where the industry standard for hardness removal (removal of Ca2+ and Mg2+) is a process called ion exchange. In ion exchange, two Na+ ions are added into the water system and substituted for either one Ca2+ or one Mg2+. While this technique is quite effective, it is recently coming under increased regulation due to excess Na+ accumulating in our drinking water, which can be a health concern especially for those with heart conditions. PowerTech Water will investigate the use of i-CDI in the removal of Ca2+ and Mg2+ as an efficient, effective, and safe water softening technology as well as investigating the necessary system components and pretreatment needed for a complete water softening system. In addition, market and commercial assessments will be carried out to correctly position PowerTech Water as well as proper pursuit of intellectual property protection. Ultimately, this project will result in the creation of a more robust home water softening system capable of disrupting the current market while providing a more consumer-friendly overall system.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords Water treatment, CDI, electrochemistry, capacitive deionization, pre-treatment
Point of Contact Cameron Lippert
PowerTech Water
Location Lexington