Proposal Title Novel Red Phosphor Materials for Light Emitting Diode Applications
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract This project proposal aims to further develop a novel and proprietary red phosphor material for use in phosphor-converted light-emitting diode (pcLED) applications that will increase pcLED efficacy up to 20%. According to the Department of Energy R&D Solid State Lighting Multi-Year Program Plan, meeting the stated pcLED efficiency goal of improving spectral efficiency would result in a 23 TW-hr annual energy savings by 2025, equivalent to displacing nearly six coal plants. Furthermore, improving pcLED efficiency will also trigger a cascade of tangible impacts at the end-product system level such as using fewer LEDs, increasing efficacy (lumens per watt), increasing mobile device battery life, reducing electronic driver complexity, reducing heat, a thinner form factor, and a far more brilliant color gamut in displays.
Amount Awarded $474,246
Keywords phosphor, light, emitting, diode, lighting, display, LED
Point of Contact Robert Nordsell
[email protected]
EIE Materials Inc.
Location Lexington
Santa Clara County