Proposal Title Nonlinear Computation Tool to Chart Trajectories of Bipolar Disorder
Category Human Health and Development
Abstract Bipolar disorder (BD) is a complex chronic illness characterized by recurrent, often dramatic mood changes. Self-management of BD is an important component of treatment, but is likewise complex and can be fraught with difficulties including misunderstanding of the condition and a lack of self-awareness. Combined with the nationwide shortage of mental healthcare providers and the advent of the Affordable Healthcare Act, patients are assuming an increased role in understanding and managing their chronic conditions. At the same time, the emergence of mobile health and computational tools are engaging patients in self-management by enabling timely access to information and resources. The goal of this project is to complete the development and commercialize a patient-centered software system and mobile app to assist in managing bipolar disorder. In Phase I, we developed a novel computational tool known as KIOS Bipolar that tracks multiple interacting symptoms to determine the precise state of a BD patient. Once the patient's state is identified and the trajectory of the patient is established, KIOS produces advice specific to the patient's condition to help manage the course of the disease. Available as an online tool with mobile access, KIOS was evaluated by twenty bipolar patients in a twelve week clinical trial that demonstrated its technical feasibility and patient acceptance. The tasks defined in the Kentucky Matching Grant are focused primarily on commercialization activities and are designed to dovetail with the NIH-funded Phase II STTR grant. With the support of the Kentucky Matching Grant, KIOS Bipolar is anticipated to be on the market and generating revenue by the end of the project. This Kentucky Matching Grant has four tasks: Task 1: Recruit Personnel Task 2: Develop Sales and Marketing Plan Task 3: Implement Marketing and Sales Task 4: Establish Legal Protection for Intellectual Property
Amount Awarded $500,000
Keywords bipolar disorder, mHealth, mobile app, self-management, nonlinear, trajectory, expert system, software
Point of Contact Phyllis Siegel
[email protected]
Biomedical Development Corporation
Location Lexington
Fayette County