Proposal Title Next-generation Sequencing to Increase Clinical Utility of NeXosome™; a Liquid Biopsy Platform
Category Biosciences
Abstract Liquid biopsies are non-invasive blood tests that detect diseased cells or other material that have been shed into blood by a diseased state. Liquid biopsies can serve as a serrogate for inoperable tissue on which molecular characterization is typically performed and can be obtained multiple times over the course of treatment. Extracellular vesicles (EV) are a membraneous structure that contain RNA and DNA referred to as cell free nucleic acid (cfNA) for liquid biopsy. EV are becoming increasingly popular as a choice for liquid biopsies because of their abundant and disease specific cfNA content as well as their stability in blood. We have partnered with NXPharmagen to optimize a novel platform for isolation of EV and subsequent cfNA known as NeXosome™. In the SBIR Phase I, feasbility will be demonstrated by detecting an IDH1 mutation that is specific to glioma using the NeXosome™ platform and castPCR™. In this KYMF proposal, the NeXosome™ platform will be used to detect IDH1 in addition to recently reported mutations in TERT and 1p/19q. The combination of these 3 biomarkers has been shown to improve diagnostic and prognostic relevance. These will be detected using a state of the next-generation sequencing method that allows for simultaneous detection of multiple targets and for an extemely low input amount of cfNA. This process will also be automated to increase reproducibility and ease of workflow. Finally, this proposal seeks to expand commercialization strategies for competetive market position and succesful continuation of the SBIR phase I.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords liquid biopsy, assay, glioblastoma, cancer, CLIA, exosome, extra cellular vesicles, tumor cell, cell free nucleic acid, next generation sequencing,
Point of Contact Terry Minton
[email protected]
PGXL Technology
Location Louisville