Proposal Title Development of ISAS-02 and SA-4-1BBL as potent co-stimulatory agents for vaccine adjuvants, anti-cancer therapeutics, and antiviral treatments
Category Biosciences
Abstract FasCure Therapeutics develops proprietary immune-modulating biological products with potential applications in vaccine adjuvants, cancer treatment, transplantation, and autoimmune disorders. Specifically, FasCure aims to generate functional agonists to validated receptors on human immune cells that may be more efficacious and safer than other molecules against those targets. These molecules are generated using the proprietary ProtEx™ platform which expresses proteins or ligands in a stable oligomer form. Among FasCure’s portfolio of candidate products is a vaccine adjuvant, ISAS-02 (immune stimulating adjuvant system 02). ISAS-02 is comprised of two commercially available adjuvants plus FasCure’s proprietary molecule SA-4-1BBL. Based on encouraging early data, the National Institutes of Health awarded FasCure a Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant to develop and test a vaccine against Y. pestis (the plague). In addition to development of a plague vaccine, results of this project would validate the use of ISAS-02 as an adjuvant in a number of other diseases. The Kentucky Matching Funds application is to support activities not covered by the STTR grant, but complementary to the goals of the project. First is to generate a commercially viable business plan and intellectual property strategy for ISAS-02 and its proprietary component SA-4-1BBL. Second is to produce of human SA-4-1BBL to facilitate clinical trials of ISAS-02 and for potential applications outside of prophylactic vaccines (e.g. cancer and chronic viral infections). The aims supported by Kentucky Matching Funds would substantially accelerate development timelines, ensure a competitive STTR Phase II application, and would facilitate private investment and industry collaborations.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords Vaccine, adjuvant system, 4-1BBL, MPL, prophylactic vaccines, therapeutic vaccines, Yersinia pestis, SA-4-1BBL, co-stimulatory, rF1V, subunit vaccine,
Point of Contact William Bowen
[email protected]
FasCure Therapeutics, LLC
Location Louisville
Jefferson County