Proposal Title Developing Data Collection Tools for the mRendering™ Platform
Category Human Health and Development
Abstract Nicolalde R&D (NRD) was awarded a new SBIR Phase I to extend the technical capabilities of its mobile content delivery platform called mRendering™ to deliver site-specific training to emergency responders, and to collect assessment of training effectiveness on mitigating responders’ health consequences due to the incident. Currently, there is a significant gap in understanding the benefits that training might have on improving health effects. Two major problems exist: 1) knowledge regarding the short and long-term health effects of disaster on the Emergency Response community and the population has often been collected and generated post disaster in the context of research projects. The timeliness of this knowledge is fundamentally limited by the indirect and post hoc nature of the data collection; 2) actionable education resulting from this knowledge generation is not systematically incorporated into training for the next event, and evaluated to whether or not it had a positive effect on the health consequences due to the incident. Thus, an effective feedback loop between training effectiveness and the health consequences of a disaster does not exist. NRD developed and successfully commercialized the mRendering™ platform with support of a Phase I and II SBIR from the NIH and is working on this new SBIR in collaboration with the International Association of Fire Fighters, and with support form the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The new features to the mRendering™ platform will provide real-time data collection tools that would be applicable for the general mobile training and education markets in which assessment of training effectiveness is highly valuable. The functionality to collect training assessment data at the point-of-use is a highly demanded feature to the mRendering™ platform. NRD is requesting the matching funds to extend the technology’s use for its existing markets including medical education and professional associations.
Amount Awarded $106,486
Keywords mHealth, mobile apps, mobile training, just-in-time, site specific training, Emergency Management, Disaster Research Response
Point of Contact Roberto Nicolalde
[email protected]
Nicolalde R&D LLC
Location Lexington
Fayette County