Proposal Title Medical Nanotechnology for Intravascular Drug Delivery
Category Biosciences
Abstract Hemodialysis is the most common treatment for kidney failure and involves the passing of blood out of the body, through a filter, and back into the body. A major challenge for hemodialysis patients is the eventual blockage of arteries occurring near the site in the forearm where the dialysis tubing is inserted requiring intervention to open up the narrowing (stenosis) of the blood vessel. Current interventions can pose multiple risks and often must be repeated affecting the patient’s quality of life. A more efficient, safer method of intravascular anti-restenotic drug delivery is needed to improve efficacy and reduce risk of embolism. Rosellini Scientific, is a medical device incubator and accelerator with a long track record of developing early stage medical devices and commercializing them through out-licensing or the establishment of spin-out companies. Recently, Rosellini Scientific has entered a joint venture with Nexeon Medsystems and licensed a portfolio of intellectual property in the medical nanotechnology space. Rosellini Scientific plans to focus on the development and commercialization of an inflatable, microperforated, nanocomposite-based polymer balloon for intravascular drug delivery. Using this approach, drugs can be efficiently delivered directly to the diseased site reducing the potential for systemic toxicity, thereby reducing mortality and lowering added care costs. Furthermore, this intravascular drug delivery system is capable of delivering drugs of almost any form, from lipophilic drugs to hydrophilic drugs allowing for treatment tailored to the many other diseases. The vision of Rosellini Scientific is to serve patients and the community by enabling innovative physician and academic investigator-driven ideas to move rapidly from concept to breakthrough clinical solutions. Rosellini Scientific (and Nexeon) has started the relocation of their headquarters to Kentucky to continue with their proven business model.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords bioscience, medical nanotechnology, drug delivery, intravascular, nanomedicine, hemodialysis grafts, restenosis, microperforated balloon, anti-restenotic drug, carbon nanotubes, medical device, drug eluting balloon
Point of Contact Ron Conquest
[email protected]
Rosellini Scientific, LLC
Location Lexington