Proposal Title Functional red food pigment
Category Biosciences
Abstract This SBIR Phase I Kentucky Match Project aims to develop an alternative to synthetic chemicals that are used to impart color to food. The food industry has a long history of using synthetic pigments that impart color to foods. However, there have been concerns about negative health impacts of some high volume synthetic colorants, and the food industry is increasingly interested in identifying colorants that are obtained from biological sources. This project will advance the technical and commercial feasibility of a class of naturally occurring pigments that have properties of color, stability, and safety that make them attractive as food colorants but for which a suitable source is not currently available. A six year research effort in KY has identified as a potentially suitable botanical source of a red pigment, and RedLeaf now proposes to develop a commercial process to produce the pigment from the botanical source. This SBIR Phase I Kentucky Match will aim to deliver a proof-of-concept process for selectively harvesting the biological tissue containing the red pigment at a commercially relevant scale. A series of technical engineering models will be evaluated and assessments of mechanical separation validated to estimate mechanically harvested product yields in KY. The pigment produced will be characterized by analytical chemistry methods and examined for food use.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords biomanufacturing, pigment, food
Point of Contact Seth DeBolt
[email protected]
RedLeaf Biologics Inc.
Location Nicholasville
Jessamine County