Proposal Title Commercialization of PyroCat(tm) Catalyst in Leading Reforming and Destructive Oxidation Catalyst Markets
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract Pyrochem Catalyst Company (PCC) makes PyroCat™, a novel catalyst. Catalysts play a key role in our everyday lives. Without catalysts, we couldn’t upgrade fuel, make chemical products like ammonia, methanol, plastics, nor clean our automotive exhaust streams. Over $16 billion of catalyst is sold annually in PyroCat™ target markets. PyroCat™ is a patented crystalline mixed metal oxide catalyst where the catalytically active metal is atomically dispersed in a pyrochlore crystal lattice. This is important to achieving similar or higher catalyst performance with 10-100X lower precious metal content compared to conventional catalysts. This significantly reduces the cost of the catalyst while extending longevity. PyroCat™ has been tested by PCC’s customers to show that these materials are capable of handling the build-up of catalyst poisons, like sulfur, at concentrations far higher than those present in commercial and military fuels. In addition, the PyroCat™ provides inherent thermal stability, making it a high-value material for high temperature applications (>900C). PyroCat™ is applicable in a number of markets: 1) steam methane reforming for hydrogen production for oil refining and chemical products manufacturing; 2) autothermal reforming for use in fuel cells, for example; 3) destructive oxidation for automotive catalytic converters; and 4) oxygen transport membranes (OTM) developed by leading gas products companies. Given its suitability in high temperature environments or where contaminants like sulfur or poly aromatics are present, PyroCat™ is expected to capture market share. This proposal expands our commercialization activity to build-on the initial success of PyroCat™ in customer trials. PCC will work closely with prospective customers to tailor PyroCat™ to meet their specific needs. PCC will supply catalyst to these customer prospects using the innovative spray pyrolysis manufacturing process developed with NSF and Kentucky Phase I funding, with the goal of generating revenue and positive cash flow for the company within 18 months.
Amount Awarded $390,000
Keywords Flame spray pyrolysis, Pyrochlores, Natural gas reforming, Hydrogen generation, Diesel reforming, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Fuel Cells, Syngas generation, Autothermal reforming, destructive oxidation
Point of Contact Tim Appleberry
Pyrochem Catalyst Company
Location Louisville
Jefferson County