Proposal Title Commercializing an Innovative Microfluidic Platform for Capillary Electrophoresis Chips
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract Hummingbird Nano, Inc. HBN shares a vision commensurate to clinical researchers; the ability to take a drop of blood, saliva, urine, etc, and retrieve a diagnosis on the spot, without the need to draw large samples, without sending the samples to a laboratory, and without the time and effort laboratories use to produce and report those results. Microfluidic chips, also known as labs-on-a-chip are a part of that vision, and have been limited in market share by the manufacturing cost to make the chips. HBN’s novel manufacturing technique has the potential to eliminate those costs. With the receipt of an NSF Phase II award that allows for development of a prototype of the manufacturing system, HBN proposes to use matching funding to remove roadblocks and risks associated with product launch. Specifically, the company proposes to a) develop in-house systems to test chip performance, mechanical properties and reduce the develop/build cycle, b) identify key opinion leaders, develop and deliver pitches, and network within the capillary electrophoresis market, and c) strengthen intellectual property with the submission of two patent applications and continuance of prosecution of other IP.
Amount Awarded $262,838
Keywords microfluidic chips, lab-on-a-chip, capillary electrophoresis, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, rapid manufacturing
Point of Contact Eleanor 'Ellie' Hawes
[email protected]
Hummingbird Nano Inc. (formerly AMT Nano)
Location Lexington
Fayette County