Proposal Title Novel Red Phosphors for Light Emitting Diode Applications
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract This project proposal aims to further develop novel and proprietary red phosphor materials for use in light-emitting diode (LED) applications that will increase LED efficacy (lumens/W) up to 40%. Another way of stating that our material can improve LED efficacy is stating that we’re increasing the brightness of LEDs 40% per unit of input power. Brighter LEDs means fewer LEDs are required to achieve the same lumen output, consequently reducing heat dissipation requirements, resulting in a smaller form factor in a lamp or fixture and reducing the overall bill-of-materials cost. Lower costs then increase margins, at least in the short term, and provides an opportunity to accelerate LED adoption, which is very closely correlated to cost/lumen. In 2014, LED technology had only penetrated the general lighting market to ~3% of unit sales. By 2030, LED technology is expected to comprise 70-85% of unit sales in general lighting. Our technology would improve LED efficiency even further, effectively stripping 50 TW-hr off the U.S. grid by 2030 annually and reaching peak annual sales of $300 million to $600 million.
Amount Awarded $255,443
Keywords phosphor, LED, light emitting diode, lighting
Point of Contact Robert Nordsell
[email protected]
EIE Materials Inc.
Location Lexington
Fayette County