Proposal Title KY Match STTR Phase II Year 1: VentFree: A Novel Abdominal Stimulator to Assist with Ventilator weaning
Category Human Health and Development
Abstract MV is a life-saving intervention for patients with respiratory failure. However, it also causes considerable respiratory muscle weakness, which is predominant in the 700,000 US patients that have difficulty weaning from ventilator support each year. Prolonged MV patients suffer from significant health complications, such as pneumonia, and cost the US health care system approximately $16 billion annually. New methods that target respiratory muscle weakness during MV are sorely needed. To address this unmet medical need Liberate Medical is developing VentFree, a novel neuromuscular stimulator that can be used to maintain the strength of the breathing muscles in patients receiving mechanical ventilation. It will be used for forty minutes per day by respiratory therapists throughout mechanical ventilation and is expected to considerably reduce the amount of time patients spend on ventilation. This Phase II Year 1 KY STTR Matching Grant will build on the success of our Phase I proposal and will complement the technical objectives of our Federal Phase II proposal by preparing VentFree for the regulatory submission process. It includes the following objectives: Objective 1: Develop a commercially viable flow sensor for VentFree Objective 2: Obtain electrical safety certification of VentFree Objective 3: Setup manufacturing for VentFree Objective 4: Prepare the documentation needed for regulatory submission of VentFree Objective 5: File additional intellectual property protection Objective 6: Develop a commercial launch strategy for VentFree The completion of these objectives will poise VentFree for EU market launch.
Amount Awarded $250,000
Keywords neurostimulation, COPD, mechanical ventilation, respiratory, pulmonology, electrical muscle stimulation, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, ventilator weaning
Point of Contact Angus Mclachlan
[email protected]
Liberate Medical
Location Crestwood
Oldham County