Proposal Title A Low Cost Instrument for Online Real Time Metal Analysis During Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Category Human Health and Development
Abstract The overall goal of this project is to develop a commercial product for a metal detection instrument which will be used by pharmaceutical companies to detect metals during pharmaceutical manufacturing. Based on excellent results achieved during a NIH Phase I SBIR project and corresponding KY matching funds award, UHV has been awarded a Phase II SBIR grant which started on September 15, 2016 with a goal to further optimize, develop evaluate, validate, and verify the performance of the x-ray based online real-time metal analysis (ORMA) technology. The preliminary results have shown promise to outperform the existing commercially available metal detection technology which is a balanced coil magnetic design produced by companies such as Eriez and Thermo. The goal of the proposed KY Matching Funds project is to develop and market a low cost, high performance commercial metal detector product based on the x-ray based ORMA technology developed in the NIH SBIR project. The work required to achieve this goal focuses on making the proper engineering designs which allow the commercially viable instrument to be sold at a cost and scale for ease of manufacturing. This work includes mechanical design, electrical design, software design and instrument reliability at an industrial level of performance which is beyond the scope of the NIH grant. The KY matching funds will supplement the DOE project by enabling us to quickly transform the scientific success of the technology into an industrial scale product which is ready for commercial sales, facilitating manufacturing in KY, wide spread commercialization and business development.
Amount Awarded $0
Keywords Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, metal detector, XRF, x-ray, tablet, capsule, active pharmaceutical ingradient, API,
Point of Contact Nalin Kumar
UHV Technology, Inc.
Location Lexington
Feyette County