Proposal Title Catalyst production and business development of products: AdE-SCat™ and AdE-CCat™
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract This KY Phase I Matching project proposes the development and scale-up of advanced catalyst technology for highly active hydro-desulfurization (HDS) and cetane number (CN) improvement process for diesel fuel. Advanced Energy Materials, LLC (AdEM) has proposed and demonstrated the feasibility of two catalyst products: AdE-SCat™ and AdE-CCat™ in the lab-scale for the catalytic HDS/hydrotreating process during the federal DOE SBIR Phase I project. The goal of proposed KY Phase I Matching Funds is to enable AdEM to assess markets and engage potential customers from oil refineries towards defining and conducting a commercialization plan necessary toward a commercial venture. AdEM plans to supply large quantities of custom catalyst formulations used for high performance HDS and CN improvement processes or specific applications to customers in small to medium scale refineries. This proposal involves three major components: 1). Identify the existing and potential markets and customers for AdE-SCat™ and AdE-CCat™ products; develop the pathway for our products entry to the market barrier; refine the value proposition. 2). Scale up the production of metal oxide nanowires using Solvo-Plasma™ technique at 100 kg/day scale; optimize the catalyst product properties such as the crushing strength and stability; and conduct the pack-bed reactor testing for customers from oil refineries. 3). Perform the intellectual property protection and analysis aggressively and establish the commercialization plan. During this R&D effort using KY Phase I Matching funds, with successful market analysis and product validation for small refinery sites, AdEM will have strong potential to obtain DOE SBIR Phase II and scale up the modular manufacturing and finalize sales agreements for supplying our catalyst products either using direct sales or using indirect sales through strategic partners.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords Hydrodesulfurization, catalyst, Cetane number, sulfur removal, refineries, mixed metal oxide nanowires.
Point of Contact Vasanthi Sunkara
[email protected]
Advanced Energy Materials, LLC
Location Louisville