Proposal Title Carbon Electrode Manufacturing and Module Development for i-CDI COGS Reduction
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract Through this project, PowerTech Water, LLC (PTW) will work with a project partner, Aspen Aerogel, to design a high performance carbon electrode material that will combine the low cost of commercially available carbon materials with the exceptional lifetime of PTW’s proprietary carbon xerogel material. In addition, manufacturing costs will be evaluated to lower our cost of goods sold (COGS) to meet commercial demands. PTW will work with business and technical consultants to develop a more detailed go-to-market strategy and scale-up their unique water softening process. Finally, long-term demonstrations will take place in PTW’s lab to verify product performance before installation at multiple water softening sites around Kentucky. Through the development of this new carbon material, PTW will aim to create new jobs in the water treatment industry in Kentucky, advancing their patent-pending technology into industrial sectors.
Amount Awarded $397,194
Keywords capacitive deionization, water softening, carbon development, scale-up
Point of Contact Cameron Lippert
[email protected]
PowerTech Water
Location Lexington