Proposal Title Novel Therapeutics for Parkinson's Disease: Glycosaminoglycan-Interacting Small Molecule (GISMO)
Category Human Health and Development
Abstract Gismo Therapeutics Inc. is a Kentucky-based biotech start-up developing novel therapeutics for Parkinson's Disease. The company has been awarded a 2016 SBIR Phase I grant from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), NIH. The grant is for 1.5 years with the first year award in the amount of $242,000 and the second year amount $142,000, for a total of $384,000. Previously, Gismo Therapeutics Inc. has been also funded by a Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research grant and by a SBIR grant for Alzheimer's Disease (from National Institute on Aging). The company is based at the Advanced Science & Technology Commercialization Center (ASTeCC) on the campus of the University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) and has extensive links to University of Kentucky's faculty. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects over one million Americans and societal costs exceed $14 billion a year. The Parkinson’s market in 2022 is expected to yield $5.26 billion in global market sales, with $2.33 billion from the U.S. market. The development of a disease-modifying therapeutic would be the most significant advancement in Parkinson’s disease therapeutics since the development of levodopa in the 1960s. The proposed KSTC Matching Grant will strengthen the company's Parkinson's therapeutic R&D project, fund a biochemical and a toxicological study with University of Kentucky's scientists, allow to hire a highly experienced scientist, and significantly improve its business prospects. Aims of the proposed KSTC Matching Grant project are: (i) to enhance the licensing data package for the selected lead compounds, and (ii) to file new patent applications to expand the company's Intellectual Property estate. Another use of the KSTC Matching Funds will be to advance the business agenda towards strategic partnering and fundraising. Matching funds will provide important bridging funds for these aims and towards Phase II SBIR grant.
Amount Awarded $150,000
Keywords Parkinson's Disease; synucleionpathy; neurological disorders; neurodegenerative diseases; drug discovery; drug development; biotechnology; pharmaceutical; medicinal chemistry; human therapeutics
Point of Contact Paul Gregor
[email protected]
Gismo Therapeutics Inc.
Location Lexington