Proposal Title Commercialization and production of ULSD HDS Catalysts
Category Materials Science and Advanced Manufacturing
Abstract Advanced Energy Materials, LLC (AdEM) proposes to develop commercial production, markets and sales of its ultra-deep desulfurization catalysts for removing sulfur from diesels and gas oils. The breakthrough technology not only brings down sulfur levels, but it can also hydrogenate aromatics. Using funds from NSF Phase II and matching grant funding from KY CED, AdEM has developed two products – AdESulfur™ and AdE-Sorb™. The first product AdESulfur™ allows for ultra-deep desulfurization of diesel in the presence of hydrogen from several hundred ppm to less than 5 ppm. AdE-Sorb™ allows for ultra-deep desulfurization without the presence of hydrogen from several hundred ppm to less than 15 ppm. In addition, both of these products will find applications as sulfur tolerant hydrogenation catalysts. AdEM already has identified few potential customers and put strong partnerships in place. However, it is essential for commercial scale validation of both production and performance and also understand value proposition for customers. During the course of this project, AdEM aims to validate commercial scale production and identify several small refineries (20 ton scale); perform pilot scale tests and understand value proposition for customers. AdEM will also engage with potential customers seeking input on real-world application and processes and will endeavor to procure industry beta testing, joint venture development agreements and commercial sales. AdEM will seek to understand, from a potential customer’s objective, barriers to entry that may be customer specific, application specific or systematic. AdEM will analyze each market segment; compile a list of competing products and costs, where possible, for each potential market segment.
Amount Awarded $343,080
Keywords Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Nanomaterials, Nanowires, hydrodesulfurization, catalyst, ultra deep sulfur removal, oil refinery.
Point of Contact Vasanthi Sunkara
[email protected]
Advanced Energy Materials, LLC
Location Louisville