Proposal Title Phase 2 KSTC Match: Auto-Dissemination Augmented by Males Mosquitoes
Category Biosciences
Abstract Vector control remains the only means to combat many mosquito borne diseases, including those caused by, Zika, West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya viruses and other pathogens. There is a need to develop additional tools that target immature mosquito populations that remain hidden or protected within cryptic breeding sites and that are inaccessible to conventional control techniques. The proposed work will further aid in the development of a novel ‘self delivering’ approach, Auto-Dissemination Augmented by Males or “ADAM”, that is based on the release of adult male mosquitoes as vehicles to deliver a powerful and safe insecticide. Because commercial sales require an EPA registration of the ADAM approach, efficacy demonstration in multiple states is proposed in our NIH SBIR Phase II application. The funds requested in the current KY Matching Funds proposal will support the development of augmentative technologies that will allow for broader application of the ADAM approach (i.e., increased application scale). KY Matching Funds are also requested for legal/IP costs, regulatory and marketing planning, and for development of a commercialization plan. Deliverables include efficacy data that allow national EPA registration and sales. Anticipated markets are both domestic and international, as many affected countries use US EPA regulatory decisions as a guideline for their own decisions. Following EPA approval of commercial sales, we anticipate private investment from companies focused on mosquito abatement products. Jobs at the scientist, technician, and internship levels will be generated from the ongoing ‘manufacture’ of mosquitoes in Kentucky, with products shipped both domestically and internationally.
Amount Awarded $281,483
Keywords mosquito, pesticides, vector control
Point of Contact Stephen Dobson
[email protected]
MosquitoMate Inc
Location Lexington
Fayette County